Directed by: Kangmin Kim
Color by: Seulhwa Eum
Produced by: Open The Portal
Audio by: Open The Portal

A strange and wonderful story about a special connection between father and son

“I was born with a big birthmark on by butt, which I was always very self conscious of. When I was a child, my mother told me not to worry because one day it would be gone. But no!!! All these years later, of course I still have it! And then, my son was born…” —Kangmin Kim

Official Selection:

Sundance Film Festival
SXSW Film Festival
Ottowa International Animaiton Festival
GLAS Animation Festival
Anifilm International Festival of Animated Film
Aspen Shorts Fest
Conscious Cartoons International Animation Festival
Flatpack FIlm Festival
AFI Film Fest
LA Shorts Fest
LA Film Festival
Imagine Science Film Festival
San Diego Asian Film Festival
Fenetres Sur Courts
Lago Film Fest
Seattle International Film Festival
All Lights India International Film Festival
Maui Film Festival
Milwaukee Film Festival
Washington West Film Festival
Taichung International Animation Festival
Melbourne International Animation Festival
Non Plussed Fest
Florida Film Festival
Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival
Rooftop Film Festival
Palm Springs Shortsfest
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
Quebec City Film Festival
KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival