The Rock-afire Explosion

In this day and age, even a 90 second video can seem like a lot to sit through, but if you can free up an hour and eleven minutes of your week to dedicate to the Rock-afire Explosion, we promise it will be worth your time.

This is the impossible story of a man with an unbridled creative vision that never went off the rails because it never even went NEAR them. Embedded in his story are the roots of Chuck E. Cheese, a legacy that’s touched the hearts of a select few exceptional individuals who kept his spark burning for decades, and a recent revival found in everything from the work of Key & Peele to the creative team behind Deadpool. Our written words can’t do this unbelievably true myth one much justice–all we ask is that you trust us, open your heart, and give ’em a chance.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rock-afire Explosion: