Nightmare Fuel

The heroic LA-Z-BOYs and -GIRLs over at the AV Club have done us all a stunning favor by compiling 21 of the most horrifying sequences in children’s entertainment into one neat and convenient package. We wish we could say more about why we folk over at Open The Portal are so drawn to this specific subset of media, but we’ll leave that up to the psychologists to figure out. After all, stop motion is famous for creating entire films (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, The Adventures of Mark Twain) that walk the tightrope between “kid-friendly” and “horror.” Always great to see that “Large Marge” is still the reigning champion. Enjoy!

Click here: Nightmare Fuel: 21 Horrifying Moments from Children’s Entertainment

Here’s our top 3:

Artwork by kaptainmyke