Open the Portal collaborator and director, Nicholas D’Agostino, presents his latest film DESPOT as an ode to the viruses of our day:

“A virus and a despot have much in common. Both are only interested in their own survival, both overtake every facet of our lives and both can only be defeated when people come together. Yet, there is one difference which gives me pause, while a virus infects the body, a despot infects the soul and there is no vaccine for that. We are all susceptible to the siren song of superiority, to the sneering jeering voice that begs us to make a demon of our neighbors, to the righteous indignation which so soon sours into riotous anger. A figurehead may fall, but we will forever have to guard against the despot inside all of us.”

-Nicholas D’Agostino

You can see more of Nick’s work via his website, POX FILMS INC.