From Cartoon Brew: Zagreb Film produced some of the wildest, most eclectic animated shorts of the 20th century, but their work has been exceptionally difficult to view — until now.

From Animation Obsessive: Basically, this stuff follows its own rules. It’s weird. It’s dogmatically anti-Disney. It often features stories never previously tackled in animation. The films don’t look normal, and they don’t even sound normal — as [Zagreb Film diretor Dušan] Vukotić once said, animation that doesn’t imitate real motion requires abstract sounds that “do not imitate real noise.”

From Open The Portal: If you’ve never treated yourselves to the animated delights of Zagreb Film, you are in for the luckiest day of your life. Check out a zag-zonking sample below, and then head over to this link to view the best of their newly uploaded catalogue on YouTube.