Tick Tock Timecrow

Did you ever sit and wonder, sit and ponder, sit and think, why we’re here, and what this life is all about?  It’s a problem that has driven many brainy men to drink–it’s the weirdest thing they’ve tried to figure out.  -George M. Cohan, 1904

OTP’s official unofficial mascot, “The Timecrow” grew up in a rural area of the universal continuum just before the big bang killed all the dinosaurs.  He first appeared as an invader in this combination of 16mm footage we shot in a California blizzard (San Bernardino National Forest), and reels upon reels of “found” 16mm film, including classroom instructional videos, anonymous old home movies, and an early informercial for the Las Vegas strip (among others).  He’s a wily creature with a mysterious past, and like time itself can be your greatest ally or worst enemy, depending on how you look at him.