Bad Peppermint


Although our visual speciality at Open The Portal is stop motion animation, we’ve been known to cut up and experiment with live action, holograms, fog machines, sparklers, visual feedback portals, and whatever else suits our fancy. ¬†This particular short evolved out of last year’s ¬†collaboration with Microsoft and their new augmented reality headset, The Hololens.

2016 was a crazy trip for Open the Portal, and there is so much more to come in 2017.  Whatever you do, avoid the bad peppermints!

Open The Portal’s 2016 Christmas Poem:

“It came upon the midnight clear,

Mad scientists of old,

In labs across the world watch

The universe unfold.

Peace on Earth, goodwill to men,

And puppets with no strings.

Delighted at the coming year-

The Portal’s opening.”