Nightmare: The Video Board Game



In the last days of a 1983 Walt Disney World attraction called Horizons, two unknown heroes would change the course of history for all of us when they learned to (extremely illegally) sneak off the ride vehicles to document the experience…

Mouse Soup

A little seen stop motion masterpiece created by John Clark Matthews in 1992.

Death by Droste

Artist Feliks Konczakowski brings a visual idea hailing from medieval times into the digital age with pictures in pictures in pictures in pictures…

JEOM Online Premiere

After a fantastic festival run including Sundance, SXSW, Ottawa, LA Film Festival, & GLAS, we are extremely excited to share our film JEOM (directed by Kangmin Kim) with the public.

The Illusion of Disney

Great animation is as complicated as life itself.

Min Börda (The Burden)

One of the sweetest stop motion shorts ever conceived, courtesy of the wonderful Niki Lindroth von Bahr.

The Greatest Stop Motion Story Ever Told

If you have to be told what it is, you should probably get your brain checked.


An artificial intelligence program created by two fantastic blokes who were kind enough to instruct it to write science fiction films instead of enslaving humanity.

Drumming With Tape

Japan’s Open Reel Ensemble shows us what happens when a medium designed to capture sound is repurposed to create it.

OTP at Comic Con!

Tell ’em Large Marge sent ya! Our official Comic Con 2018 panel, “Stop Motion as a Special Effect,” featuring the legendary Eric Adkins, Stephen Chiodo, and Tony Doublin.


A short piece on our BIFAN leader film featured on the Dragonframe blog.

Sufjan in the Sandlot

A scene from the 1993 classic The Sandlot re-imagined with a new soundtrack.


Our new film JEOM (by Kangmin Kim) is currently traveling across the U.S. as a part of the Sundance Shorts Tour.


Mike Jittlov simply sweats genius.

Time Piece

Jim Henson’s brain-boggling 1966 Academy Award nominated short film.

Netflix and Ill

An OTP original re-imagining of the Netflix logo, ’90s style.

Foo Fighters Concert Visuals

OTP takes on The Foo Fighters 2018 live tour

Pan With Us

A rediscovered experimental animated gem from 2003 that’s guaranteed to give you goosebumps. R.L. Stine sold separately.

Creed Bratton

OTP’s music video for our friend Creed’s new song “More Than You Know.”

Johnny Strong: Night Moves

Be gone mutant!

GLAS 2018

Coming to your galaxy March 22nd: The GLAS 2018 Animation Festival, featuring our new short, Jeom!

Snow White at the El Capitan

Snow White is coming back to the big screen for a limited run at the El Capitan. We give you 3 delicious Snow White-isms to whet your whistle. Have a bite!

The Horror of the Abject Object

An essay on the power of stop motion animation penned by the magnificent Nick D’Agostino (Pox films).

Hot Dog Hands

An NSFTFOH (Not Safe For The Faint Of Heart) hand drawn animated short from our friend Matt Reynolds.

2018: The Anomaly of Science

An introduction to our studio’s official theme of 2018: The Anomaly of Science

Hello Kitty Nutcracker Fantasy

“In 1979, Sanrio hired an ex-Rankin/Bass animator to create their own stop-motion Christmas epic… The results were WEIRD AS HELL.”

Jeom in Sundance!

We are thrilled to announce that our brand new short film JEOM, directed and animated by Kangmin Kim, has been accepted as an official selection for the Sundance Film Festival in 2018!

Little Nemo in Slumberland

It’s almost impossible to believe that this 1911 short by master animator Winsor McCay was released when Walt Disney was only ten years old.

The Hand

Otevřete Portál! A 1965 masterpiece by Jiří Trnka, one of the fathers (and indisputable all-time masters) of puppet character animation


“A consciousness simulator created by a simulated consciousness.” -Reilly O’David

Donald in Mathmagic Land

Quite possibly the most singularly influential cartoon we’ve had the pleasure of viewing at OTP.


If animator Ub Iwerks lived in the age of Super Mario…


Love in the time of AOL (a short by our good friend Sean Buckalew)

Komaneko Kills You With Kuteness

Komaneko’s “First Step” is the most painfully adorable stop motion film ever conceived.

The Animation Will Not Be Televised!

Selections from our Barcelona Purple Curtain screening–If you’re looking for a fix of incredible stop motion shorts, this is it.

I’m Scared

A dreamy new stop motion short based on the works of Craola, shot by stop motion masters of the universe Pete Levin and Musa Brooker.

PRESS: Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone features our lyric video for Neil Young’s ‘My Pledge’

2017: Suspension of Disbelief

An introduction to our studio’s official theme of 2017: Suspension of Disbelief

Human Zoetrope

An OTP original 24-frame animated tattoo on a single human body!

Bad Peppermint

An Open the Portal Christmas Morning story, featuring holographic animation created with the Microsoft Hololens.

Here Be Dragons

The mysterious Manuel Barenboim’s unequaled feat of light animation projected onto cactus spines.

Ripe Rock

Madman Max Winston’s early masterpiece of citrus creatures and mysterious feet.

Crystal Visions

Polaroids from our Crystal Visions screening ~ a Purple Curtain event (sponsored by GLAS and CalArts) celebrating female stop motion animators and artists.

Thumb Snatchers

…From the Moon Cocoon! Bradley Schaffer’s alien massacre magnum opus.

Ship of Fools

“So it just came out…?” -Josh Shaffner

Slow Bob / Henry Selick

Henry Selick’s mind-bending 1991 pilot, created with The Residents. OTP is proud to be sponsoring “An Evening With Henry Selick” (presented by GLAS Animation) at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles

Tick Tock Timecrow

One of the first Open The Portal short films, featuring the original appearance of the Timecrow!

Guy Fantastico

Our music video for the one and only Guy Fantastico, created by a pirate edit of the final scene in Repo Man.

Animation is a Gift Word

A beautiful essay on the value of animation by the late great master of the art form, Chuck Jones.


A Radiohead vignette by Open The Portal

Press: OTP x Helado Negro Game (REMEZLCA)


Chef Calvin Frederick

“My concern is not whether Calvin is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on Calvin’s side, for Calvin is always right.” -Chef Boyardee


This Oscar-winning 1989 surreal German short looks exactly how inside of my brain feels most days.

Journey Through a Melting Brain

This brain-boiling compilation features the best of “Strata-cut,” a style of animation so intense that only one person has ever mastered it.

PRESS: Pitchfork

Pitchfork premiere of our video for “Atomic Number” by Neko Case, k.d. lang, and Laura Veirs.

An Optical Poem

1938 short by Oskar Fischinger, to whom “Fantasia” owes much of its life.

Charlie Kaufman

A lovely essay by writer/director Charlie Kaufman on the art of stop motion animation.

PRESS: Businesswire

A very business-like write-up on our recent collaboration with Katy Perry and Staples.


The Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science invites you to the 33rd Interplanetary Conclave of Light.

Museum of Jurassic Technology

Mouse sandwich. They have mouse sandwich.


Brought to life by master animator Stephen Chiodo (who taught us everything we know about stop motion), this 1982 Tim Burton directed short is one of our all time favorites.

The Wizard of Speed and Time

Mike Jittlov’s original, untouchable 1979 masterpiece.

World of Tomorrow

From Don Hertzfeldt, the mind who first brought the phrase “my spoon is too big” into the lexicon, comes a film that has nothing to do with spoons.

Almighty Opp

It’s difficult to say whether it’s a coincidence that OPP and OTP are only separated by one letter, but who knows?

Bad Egg!

An early OTP experiment in hand drawn animation (and mouth made sound)

Pen Point Percussion

At Open The Portal, we create all of our own sounds in the studio–influenced in no small part by Norman McLaren, who devised a way of using images on film to create sound.


OTP experiment in visual music using paint and copies of the handwritten music of J.S. Bach, set to his composition “Kyrie,” from “Mass in B Minor.”

Karel Zeman, Adventurer in Film

There’s never been a better time to get lost in the dream world of Karel Zeman.

Open the Polaroids

Gallery of Polaroids featuring our studio space, shot by OTP ally Alfred Hitchcock.

Press: Stop Motion Magazine

“This rag tag group of friends has set out to make something new and different…”


A rare look behind the Portal into our newfangled “Crowto-scoping” technique:

You Smell Too Human

The Hypothetical Clog is Dissolving.

Press: Animation World Network

“…the studio more closely resembles an adult version of “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” than a film production facility.”

Open The Party

A collection of photos from our studio launch party on 1/23.  Open The Portal is open for business!